Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has its own Pro gamepad, but it’s lazy

Nintendo is happy to charge you $5 more for a splash of paint.



Nintendo has delivered glorious colors over the years. Who could forget the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color in Atomic Purple? How about these amazing colors for the 2DS XL? Or my personal favorite (because I actually own one) — the Japan exclusive Ice Blue DS Lite.

But when it came time for a new gamepad to celebrate the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch (here’s our full guide), Nintendo came up with a rather simple design: Take the existing Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and… add a few licks of white and silver?

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I guess that’s the Smash logo. Here’s what the original looked like:


Maybe the monochrome minimalist design works for you, but I’m with Luke on this one. 

Nintendo hasn’t officially announced pricing for the controller yet, but we’re seeing preorders open at GameStop and Best Buy for $75 a pop. That’s already a $5 premium over the existing $70 Pro Controller, and that’s before you consider that Amazon has the original pad on sale for $63 right now.

You can also get it in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition bundle with the controller and game in a special steelbook case for $140. Here are the Best Buy and GameStop links for that one. 

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They’ll all ship on Dec. 7, which is also the release date for the game. 

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