18 outdoor cameras to secure your connected home

Looking for an outdoor security camera? Here are a bunch of options for your smart home.

Outdoor home security cameras have changed a lot in recent years. A market that was once limited to a few manufacturers has since exploded into an industry full of options. That’s great news for us as customers, but it can make the buying process a bit more complex. Below you’ll find a list of outdoor cameras widely available both in the United States and elsewhere. 

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Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Canary Flex

Unlike startup Canary’s indoor Smart Home Security Device, the $199/£159 Flex is an indoor/outdoor home security camera (roughly AU$260 converted). With a rechargeable battery, 720p HD livestreaming and a 116-degree field of view, this weatherproof camera can go pretty much anywhere (within your home’s Wi-Fi range). The outdoor-friendly Flex also comes with an optional 4G LTE mount through a partnership with Verizon.

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Kuna Light Fixture

The $199 Kuna Light Fixture has 720p HD livestreaming, motion alerts and an integrated siren (roughly £150 and AU$260 converted). This security camera is a bit more discreet than traditional outdoor cams — it’s integrated into a light fixture. That also means you can program the light to turn on at dawn and dusk, whenever motion is detected or based on your own custom schedule. 

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Kuna Toucan

The  $199/£135/$AU280 Kuna Toucan is similar to the Kuna Light Fixture, except that the Toucan attaches to existing light fixtures. This weatherproof camera otherwise works in much the same way as the Kuna Light Fixture. It has 720p HD video, a motion sensor and a built-in siren. It too works with your light fixture, so you can create custom on/off schedules. 

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Logitech Circle 2

Logitech says it’s improved on its first-gen Circle camera with the Circle 2. Available now for $200/£199 (AU$260, converted), the Circle 2 is sold in battery-powered and wired versions. These indoor/outdoor cameras offer 1080p high-definition livestreaming, night vision, a 180-degree field of view, two-way audio and 24-hour free cloud storage.

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Nest Cam Outdoor

The $200/£150 (AU$265, converted) Nest Cam Outdoor is the weatherproof version of Nest’s indoor model. It has 1080p HD livestreaming, night vision, motion, sound and people detection (people detection is only available with an optional Nest Aware subscription) and more. The people detection feature called “person alerts” will let you know when it sees a person, or when it thinks it sees a person; it can’t tell you who it sees. 

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is Nest’s premium outdoor camera. Like the Nest Cam Outdoor, the IQ version has 1080p HD livestreaming video, night vision and motion, sound and people detection. But the IQ model offers people detection for free. With a Nest Aware subscription, customers can also gain access to Nest’s “familiar face alerts” feature, which will rely on a database of face images you add to the app to tell you who it sees. 

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Netatmo Presence

The Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera is integrated into a weatherproof light fixture. It has detection zones, 1080p HD resolution and a 100-degree field of view. It also offers facial recognition. But, like the Nest Cam Outdoor, the Presence will only tell you when it sees a person — not who the person is. 

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Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Netgear Arlo

The $180/£135/AU$240 Netgear Arlo is an indoor/outdoor security camera. This model is powered by 4 CR123 lithium 3-volt photo batteries. It offers 720p HD live streaming and comes with a separate hub you have to connect to your router. Netgear offers seven-day free clip-based cloud storage. 

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Netgear Arlo Go

Netgear’s $450 US-only Netgear Arlo Go is an outdoor security camera (roughly £335 and AU$590 converted). The Arlo Go is powered entirely by cellular connection with AT&T’s 3G and LTE wireless networks. The Go offers 720p HD livestreaming, motion and sound alerts, two-way audio, free seven-day event-based cloud storage, local storage via a microSD card slot (card not included) and night vision. It’s powered by rechargeable batteries. 

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Joshua Goldman/CNET

Netgear Arlo Pro

Instead of CR123 batteries like the first-gen Netgear Arlo (which is still sold), the $250/£300/AU$330 Netgear Arlo Pro relies on rechargeable batteries like the Netgear Arlo Go. Netgear says the batteries should last for up to six months. Like the rest of the Arlo line, the Pro cam comes with free seven-day event-based cloud storage. 

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

The $480/£345/AU$799 Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is a premium second-gen version of the Arlo Pro camera, which is still sold. One main difference between the Arlo Pro and the newer Arlo Pro 2 is resolution. The Pro 2 has 1080p HD livestreaming instead of the Pro’s 720p HD. This indoor/outdoor camera comes with free seven-day cloud storage and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. You can also wire this model with an included cable — another upgrade over the original Arlo and Arlo Pro cams. 

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Panasonic Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera

The $300 Panasonic Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera comes in a two-camera kit (roughly £225 and AU$395 converted). This is a simple system with basic functionality. The camera has a standard-definition video resolution. The app is outdated, too, and it’s difficult to find the settings you’re looking for.

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Remo+ DoorCam

Unlike traditional outdoor cameras, the Remo+ DoorCam installs over your front door. This battery-powered device claims to fit over “any residential door,” although we haven’t tested it out yet. The Wi-Fi DoorCam offers 720p HD livestreaming, two-way talk, a motion sensor and more. 

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Reolink Argus

Reolink’s Argus indoor/outdoor security camera costs just $100 (roughly £75 and AU$125 converted). Like the first-generation Netgear Arlo camera, the Argus is powered by four CR123 batteries. This cute cam also comes with local storage via a microSD card slot (microSD card not included). 

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Ring Floodlight Cam

Swap out your existing outdoor light fixtures with Ring’s $249 (£195 and AU$330 converted) Floodlight Cam. It’s a wired installation, but fairly straightforward if you’re familiar with basic electrical wiring. This camera comes with integrated LEDs and 1080p HD livestreaming.

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Ring Spotlight Cam

The battery-powered $199 (£150/AU$260 converted) Ring Spotlight Cam is a security camera/outdoor light hybrid. It comes equipped with LEDs, a motion sensor, 1080p HD livestreaming and two-way audio. You can buy a solar-powered model for $229 (£170/AU$300).

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Ring Stick Up Cam

The $199/£159 Ring Stick Up Cam is a battery-powered outdoor security camera. At the current exchange rate, $199 converts to roughly AU$280. This camera has 720p HD livestreaming; an optional solar panel accessory is available for an additional $49/£40 (roughly AU$65).

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Zmodo Torch Pro

Zmodo’s quirky Torch Pro camera light costs (roughly £165 and AU$265 converted). This device is designed to replace your light bulb in an outdoor fixture. The light itself can change color and the camera has 720p HD livestreaming. Unfortunately, the light was too big to fit into any light fixtures during our testing, so make sure to measure it before you buy. 

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